Canada eTA is the entry requirement to the visa-exempt foreign travelers that want to fly to the country Canada. In other words, without this electronic visa, you cannot leave your home and visit Canada. It’s prompt and very easy. What you are required to have to access eTA is only the internet connection together with the valid passport. It can take about 15 minutes to for the eTa to be processed once the charge has been paid.

Canadian eTA is like digital travel system verification which is there in many developed countries like Australia and the United States. Just like the name suggests, it confirms the people’s fitness for when traveling to Canada. Essentially, it’s similar to the typical visa and which is normally referred to as the Canada mini visa, though the application for it and the release of the eTA can be completed totally online. The scope of Canada eTA.


The foreign nationals who are from the visa-exempted countries may be affected by the use of this eTA system, to be precise these are some selected European countries and also New Zealand and Australia. Because Canadians are not limited to travel to the United States, it’s mostly that U.S. citizens can enjoy a similar benefit which means they will not require the eTA when you want to travel to Canada. Foreign nationals who are legible to apply this eTA to travel to the country Canada can also be exempted from eTA because they normally have their own travel authorization process.

The Canadian eTA application When you want to fill and obtain the Canada eTA, it means all things will be done electronically, or on the internet. The tourists will visit CIC website as it is in this place you can get the individual information like the name birth date and perhaps the fingerprints for you to receive the Canada eTA. The authentication can be generated through the website, by printing it out and after that submit to the right immigration official along with other travel documentation before traveling to Canada.

It’s best to submit the Canada eTA application once you have planned the trip to Canada. The approved eTA can last for five years or up to a passport being expired. Know that you need to always have the valid email address that will receive the eTA confirmation from the Canadian government. Finally, you are required to be aware of the possible time and the processing delays.

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